Watch A Bunch Of Scientologists Get Really Psyched About A Whole Lot Of Nothin’

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last eight years or so just immersing myself in Scientology silliness, so it’s kind of impressive to me that the Church still manages to amuse, surprise and horrify me as much as it does. Keep up the good work, Operating Thetans! This weekend, a friend sent me a link to this mashup of testimonials from a recently released International Scientology News DVD. Keep in mind, this is a video that the Church put together, and that they are proud of, and that they think does a good job of conveying the wondrous powers of their “study technology.” You have never seen a group of people more jazzed about, well, I don’t fucking know. See if you can make sense of what they’re so enthused about, if you can actually hear them through your laughter. Testify!