Dutch Museum Exhibit Lets You Smell The Deaths Of Celebrities, If That’s What You’re Into

Planning a trip to The Netherlands anytime soon? Well, if you are, and you are an especially morbid person with no issues with claustrophobia, then you might want to stop by the Museum of Image.

A controversial exhibit at the Museum allows patrons to “experience” the deaths of celebrities by lying in metal morgue boxes and hearing the sounds and smelling the smells thought to have been present at the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, Muammar Gaddafi and Whitney Houston. Huh.

If you choose the Whitney Houston experience, you’ll hear the sounds of splashing water, the singer’s voice, and the smells of generic hotel cleaning products, cocaine and the olive oil she put in her bath. For the Gaddafi experience, you will find out what it’s like to hang out in a drainage pipe while waiting to be hunted down and killed by rebels. For the Kennedy experience, you can smell a recreation of Jackie O’s perfume.

“Smell is rarely used in communication and we wanted to explore its uses,” said Frederik Duerinck, of the communication and multimedia design faculty of Breda’s Avans university of applied sciences, “It’s a very powerful means of communication.”

I don’t know. I am a fairly morbid person. Kind of inadvertently so. I love my murder mystery shows, I’m like an encyclopedia of serial killers and apocalyptic cults, and I’m kind of obsessed with the Garfield assassination and Romanov impostors. I regularly have arguments with dudes who insist on telling me that I’m “dark,” a description I oppose because despite my odd interests I feel I am an especially cheerful and pleasant person. I’m just more interested looking up former Heaven’s Gate members on the internet than I am in looking at pictures of adorable cats. But really, I have zero interest in lying in a box and smelling the smells of someone’s tragic death. That does not interest me. And if it doesn’t interest me, who on earth is going to be into that? [DailyMail]