Black Colleges Are Helping To Boost Black Participation In The Sciences

  • Historically Black colleges are helping to increase participation in STEM fields. [The Atlantic]
  • Gmail has been shut down completely in China. [The Guardian]
  • Read the too-common story of an insurance company mix up that ended with the last-minute denial of gender reassignment surgery for one trans woman. [The Daily Beast]
  • Black women led change on social media this year. [The Root]
  • Men’s Rights Activists are demanding that they be able to spread their legs as far as they want on public transit for the sake of their balls without facing criticism for it. “Our balls are more important than treating people with consideration” is pretty much the modus operandi of the Men’s Rights Movement, isn’t it? [Jezebel]
  • The government budget has appropriated $14.5 million more for the Smithsonian Institute. Hooray! Our government does care about arts and education sometimes. [ArtNet]
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s reading list for “every intelligent person on the planet” notably excludes any works by women. C’mon, Neil. [Brain Pickings]
  • Humans are hardwired to believe in conspiracies, and this year – like pretty much every other – had conspiracy theories abound. [Psychology Today]
  • If you want some IUD earrings, they exist on Etsy! Of course. [Daily Dot]