Asshole Drives 15 Hours To Murder His Girlfriend’s Family On Christmas Morning

So! How was your holiday family get-together? Was it awkward? Probably! But on the upside, your crazy-ass boyfriend probably didn’t drive 15 hours in order to murder your family. So there’s that!

This Christmas Eve, 23 year-old Preston Pollard spent 15 hours driving from Texas to Florida to see his 18 year-old girlfriend, after he found out that she would not be coming to Texas to spend the holiday with him. This would have been a lovely grand romantic gesture, had he not showed up at her door and opened fire on her father and stepmother, leaving her father dead and her stepmother in critical condition. He then drove off into the night and turned the gun on himself before police could catch up to him.

Authorities say that the stepmother, 55 year-old Mary Lou Hutson was the target of his revenge plot, though the specific details have yet to come out. It is known that Pollard lived with the family in Florida for a time, so perhaps there were some built-up issues there.

Pollard’s girlfriend, upon hearing the gunfire, hid in the bathroom with three younger siblings–they are all unharmed.

Naturally, Preston’s father Stephen Pollard is pretty sure his son is innocent, because he is not “mean” and doesn’t even own a gun, despite being in the Air Force. He seems to think this is all some kind of conspiracy. “Nobody really knows what happened,” he told reporters, “They say he opened the door and started shooting. That doesn’t sound very likely to me.”

Police came by Stephen Pollard’s home shortly after the Hutson family was gunned down, asking after his son’s whereabouts. He then called Preston, who said he was on his way home. He called him back later and received no response. Authorities told him that Preston had shot himself while driving 70 mph along I-10 just as the Florida Highway Patrol was closing in on him.

However, family annihilators of this type often do seem like totally nice, normal people. The ones who target mothers and maternal figures often see them as responsible for the breakdown of the family in some way, which would be consistent with Pollard’s actions and motive. The fact that he committed suicide shortly thereafter also backs this theory up, as 81% of family annihilators kill themselves afterwards. OH. Not to mention the witnesses who told police what happened. That’s also some pretty good evidence against him. But hey, if your son just murdered his girlfriend’s father and then shot himself while on a high speed chase with the Florida Highway Patrol, you might want to delude yourself for a while too.

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