Argentinian President Stops Boy From Becoming A Werewolf By Adopting Him

Argentinian President Christina Fernandez-Kirchner adopted a Jewish boy named Yair Tawil as her godson this weekend in order to prevent him from turning into a werewolf.

According to Argentinian folklore, the seventh son born to a family of seven sons will turn into a werewolf-esque creature called “El Lobisón” on the first Friday after his 13th birthday, and then be able to turn other people into werewolves by biting them. The legend stems from Guarani myth of Luison, the accursed seventh child of Tau (an evil spirit neither totally like or unlike the devil) and Kerana, his kidnapped Guarani bride. Being the seventh child, he was the most accursed of all, and was known to bring death to whomever he touched. When European colonists came over and brought with them their own legends of werewolves, the two myths spun into one, and Luison became a werewolf, and soon, it was believed that every seventh son from a family of seven sons would become a werewolf also.

This belief was so pervasive in the 19th century, that many families abandoned seventh sons, or straight up killed them, for fear of them becoming a werewolf and murdering the whole family. As a measure to counteract this and to prevent the murders of these boys, the President of Argentina began adopting them as godsons in order to protect them from harm, and to “prevent” them from becoming a werewolf. Though this was done informally, in 1907 the ceremonies became more official, and by 1920s it was the law. Later in the 1970s, President Juan Peron extended this practice to include seventh daughters as well.

The children “adopted” under this law receive a gold medal and a Presidential scholarship for all studies until they are 21 years of age. And they don’t get murdered by their families! Bonus!

However, until 2009, this all only applied to Catholic children, and potential Jewish werewolves were left to fend for themselves. Yair is actually the first Jewish boy to be adopted by the President under this new law. Yay for him!

His parents, Shlomo and Nehama Tawil, had originally requested the godson designation for Yair back in 1993, but had been denied on account of his being Jewish. Yair applied again this year, citing the new law, and was accepted. President Fernandez-Kirchner invited Yair and his family to her office, where they lit Hanukkah candles together and celebrated him not becoming a werewolf. In a series of tweets, Fernandez-Kirchner described Yair as a “total sweetie” and his mother as a “Queen Esther.” Whatever that means.

As of this post, Yair has not turned all wolf-y upon the full moon or murdered anybody, nor did he have a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. Just so you know. [Israel National News]