Is Jay From “Serial” Ready To Talk To The Media?

I audibly gasped when I saw this Gawker headline saying that Jay, the key “witness” in the case against Adnan Syed in the murder of Hae Min Lee — the focus of season one of the “Serial” podcast — was ready to talk. Apparently, on Christmas Eve, a guy with the name “Slim Wilds” — and a profile photo believed to be Jay — posted the above message on Facebook, saying he was ready to grant one interview where he would answer questions and apparently “out” “Serial” host Sarah Koenig as, I dunno, a bad reporter or something? As “Serial” podcast listeners are more than aware, Jay refused an on-tape interview with Sarah Koenig and his “character” within the story-telling podcast was mostly made up of anecdotes and snippets of courtroom testimony and interviews with police. Jay admitted to police that he helped bury Hae Min Lee’s body after, he claimed, Syed killed her; Syed has maintained his innocence. Many, many listeners of the podcast have theorized that Jay’s involvement in the crime went beyond simply helping to bury Lee’s body, with some suggesting he helped Syed kill the high school student or may have committed the crime by himself.

“Slim Wilds” has since deleted the Facebook message, which has of course prompted “Serial”-obsessed Redditors to crack a few jokes at his expense. Like maybe his butt posted the FB message (just like that oh-so-important call to Nisha may have been a butt dial)?! Or maybe he let a friend borrow his Facebook for the day (like Adnan let him borrow his car and cell phone the day of Lee’s murder)? Or maybe the friend posted the message, but Jay helped him delete it? Has anyone checked if the original Facebook post is buried in Leakin Park? Etc. Anyway, I’ll be on watch for confirmation that this post was from the real Jay and any news of an actual interview. I, for one, would really like to hear what he has to say. [Gawker]