My New Favorite Punk Rock Band Slink Is Here To Gay Up Your “Pink Christmas”

New York gay punk group Slink — composed of Hunx and Punx’s Seth Bogart, SSION’s Cody Critcheloe, and new permanent member Samantha Urbani of Friends — is making the season gay with their new single and fragrance, “Pink Christmas.” It’s ridiculous and amazing and I want it to be my life.

The song is about breaking down the separation of Christmas’s traditional colors, red and white, to make a pink Christmas. Also, sex. The video features legendary electronica musician and performance artist Peaches as a “Slinkette” and an intro from LA icon Angelyne, who drives a pink Corvette, takes out billboards of herself, and, according to Bogart, had Slink “take her to McDonalds to sign her contract, and she made us eat strawberries and A1 sauce and also Big Mac buns dipped in ketchup.”

The song and video are accompanied by the release of a few Pink Christmas apparel items and New York’s VFILES, including a fragrance that’s “perfect for both grandmas and bisexuals” and, when you first spray it, “smells like glue, but once it settles, it’s like heaven.”

It’s too perfect. I’m speechless.



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