Rush Limbaugh Has Giant Man-Baby Tantrum About Idris Elba As James Bond

One of the few–perhaps the only–non-gross things about the whole Sony email hacking debacle was the revelation that mega-dreamboat Idris Elba is pretty much the number one choice to play James Bond after Daniel Craig quits playing James Bond. I mean, I’ve never seen a James Bond movie, but Idris Elba is pretty much awesome and I kinda feel like him being in one might convince me. Plus, I feel like he looks pretty jazzy in a tux.

However, one person is NOT HAPPY about Idris potentially playing James Bond, and that person is Rush Limbaugh. He is not happy about it, because James Bond is supposed to be a white man from Scotland, and only white Scottish men should be allowed to play him. Except for all the dudes who played him who were not actually Scottish, but Irish, like Pierce Brosnan, or English, like Daniel Craig, Timothy Dalton or Roger Moore.

Rush was so upset by this idea that he had a giant conniption fit on his show, and then proceeded to sarcastically suggest that white actors be cast to play black people.

The first best part of this is where he goes on about how James Bond is supposed to drink vodka, and yet Jay-Z, who is not, in fact, Idris Elba, drinks Cristal. The second best part is where he’s like “Condoleezza Rice! You might think Halle Berry for Condoleezza Rice! No! Scarlett Johannson.”

No. Exactly no one is thinking that Halle Berry should play Condoleezza Rice. I promise you this, Rush. No one is thinking that at all.

Although Rush says he’s aware that James Bond is a fictional character and the people he’s talking about are real live humans, he still insists that it is somehow wrong for anyone but a white dude to play James Bond, because that’s how he was written. He was also written, according to Wikipedia, to look like Hoagy Carmichael, which pretty much none of the dudes playing him do. There is pretty much no real reason for James Bond to be any particular race or look any particular way at all other than handsome, since his function is pretty much just to be a spy who is dreamy and drinks martinis.

Despite his opposition to colorblind casting in this instance, Limbaugh has, in the past, said that he was “one of the few” who actually live the idea of a “colorblind society.” Which is sort of like how the ladies in “Arsenic and Old Lace” lived the idea of a murderblind society. Sure, they murdered a lot of drifters, but they knew that mentioning it would be distasteful. Just like racism! [MediaMatters]