The New Republic Will Be Hiring Diverse Staff Members

Gabriel Snyder, the new editor-in-chief of The New Republic, whose hire caused a massive fit of whining and a total glaze-over of race issues at the publication by a slew of mainly white staffers who quit, has announced in his new mission statement that the publication will be hiring diverse staff:

“As we revive one proud legacy of The New Republic—the launching of new voices and experts—those new voices and experts will be diverse in race, gender, and background. As we build our editorial staff, we will reach out to talented journalists who might have previously felt unwelcome at The New Republic. If this publication is to be influential, and not merely survive, it can no longer afford to represent the views of one privileged class, nor appeal solely to a small demographic of political elites.”

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s what Julia Ioffe, a former senior editor for the publication, had to say about it yesterday:


Yeah, so I guess that writers of color only ever write about identity politics, and therefore if The New Republic is (finally) hiring writers of color in greater numbers, it could only possibly focus on identity politics. Also, writing about identity politics is apparently a bad thing? There’s no latent racism in those assumptions. Just ask Ioffe:

Read that as: “I can put words together that sound not-racist, therefore I definitely harbor absolutely no racist proclivities whatsoever. OBVIOUSLY.”

Stay classy, Ioffe.

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