“The Interview” Will Be Released On Christmas Day After All

Only a few days after President Obama held a press conference and criticized Sony’s decision to pull “The Interview” from theaters at a cyber hacker’s request, the studio has decided to release the movie on its initial premiere date after all.

After concluding that the North Korean government was behind the massive email leaks that put Sony’s pretty problematic business practices — and executives’ offensive remarks — in the spotlight, Barack Obama highlighted the importance of not caving to digital threats.

“We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship on the United States,” he said. “If someone is able to intimidate someone from releasing a satirical movie, imagine what they’ll do if they see a documentary or a news report they don’t like. Or even worse, if producers engage in self-censorship so they don’t offend the sensibilities of people who need to be offended.”

After the hack, the studio decided to pull the movie from all theaters on December 25, the day of it’s intended release. Now, it seems Sony has had a change of heart and will air the movie in select independent theaters on Christmas Day. According to The Wrap, the movie will also premiere on video on demand that same day.

Fingers crossed that this doesn’t turn into a total nightmare. Meanwhile, Amelia is convinced this is one big publicity stunt. [Vulture]