Milwaukee’s Police Brutality Might Be Even More Egregious Than Ferguson’s

  • The Milwaukee police officer who shot unarmed Black man Dontre Hamilton — who was sober; had a history of schizophrenia; had gotten a toxicology screen on the day of his death and was determined by the Milwaukee PD not to be a threat to himself or anyone else: and was shot 14 times at a significant distance — will not be indicted. [Salon]
  • Don’t stop the protests against police brutality — Black lives still, and always, matter. [The Intercept]
  • Rolling Stone is asking Columbia’s journalism school to look over the controversial UVA gang rape article. [Raw Story]
  • The editors of The Atlantic rounded up 17 things we’ve learned about income inequality this year. [The Atlantic]
  • Rather than narrowing gender gaps, the tech-pioneering Stanford class of 1994 widened them. [NY Times]
  • The Toast’s Mallory Ortberg has a book-length collection of the blog’s ongoing posts mimicking texts from literary characters. Congrats, Mallory! [The Daily Beast]
  • There’s a 3D-printed dress that uses movement and respiration sensors to attack people who approach you too aggressively. [Daily Dot]
  • Here’s a gentle reminder that despite everything, we are not, in fact, approaching the end of the world. [Slate]