Japanese Travel Agency Offers Solo Weddings & Rent-A-Grooms To Make You Feel Forever Alone

For the woman with the perfect Pinterest wedding board but no groom in sight, Cerca Travel has a treat in store for you — if you’re willing to drop a few thousand dollars, that is. The agency, which provides travel options in Kyoto, Japan, now offers a “Solo Wedding Trip” package for a lone bride to get her kicks by creating a pin-worthy wedding look if, as the company’s website says, “you would like to have some pictures of yourself in a wedding gown or in a gorgeous bridal kimono now, when you are young and beautiful.” It’s also pitched as an option for married ladies who just want to relive the glory of their wedding day or get a do-over of the pictures in a nicer outfit.

The starting rate for the adventure is $2,645 per person. Day one of the trip includes choosing a wedding gown and bouquet and being escorted to a fancy hotel. On day two, solo brides have a professional styling session and get glamour shots taken in a beautiful Japanese garden. No actual ceremony takes place. The company’s president, Yukiko Inoue, said the goal of the package was for women to have positive feelings about themselves, but optional add-ons for the trip include renting a dude to pose as the groom in your photo shoot and having your tour coordinator join you for dinner if you’re too depressed to be seen eating alone, which kind of sound like comically awkward efforts on the company’s part to actually just kind of make you hate yourself. But hey, I’m not saying I’d turn down glamour shots and a fancy dress, grooms be damned. [Mashable] [Image via Shutterstock]