Hitched 2.0: 7 Details I’m Afraid I’ll Forget To Plan

When I started wedding planning, I wasn’t really worried about much. I’ve always been an extremely organized person, one who has a clearly labeled binder for pretty much every aspect of her life—and our wedding is no exception. Shortly after we got engaged, my sister gifted me with a fresh binder and I wasted no time adding dividers for all the key aspects of our wedding: venue, cake, flowers, music, invites. I created a private Pinterest account with a board for even more categories: bridesmaids, hairstyles, photo ideas, and more. But as the time passed, my attention to wedding details has slipped.

After booking our venue then spending several months doing nothing, we did start to focus on some big, important things, like the photographer, videographer, reception music and my dress. But after taking care of the more “urgent” tasks, I filed many other to-dos under “things that can wait”— and wait they did. I’ve spent little-to-no time thinking of those things, and I accidentally neglect every sort of wedding checklist I’ve signed up for. What I’ve learned is this: No amount of binders, Pinterest boards, or apps will help you do your wedding planning if you ignore them. As we inch toward our wedding date, I’m legitimately afraid I’m going to just forget to take care of a few things…

1. The Table Numbers and Escort Cards

The reception room is set up perfectly: The tables are glowing with candles and beautiful centerpieces; the dance floor is primed for hundreds of feet; the bar is ready to be swarmed. Then the guests arrive. They look for that little cute card or list that tells them where they can put down their purses and, eventually, their stilettos. But wait: They’re not there! And, oh dear, the tables aren’t even numbered. It’s a free for all! In my mind, this is a serious possibility at our wedding.

2. The Transportation

Apparently when you book a wedding date, a horse and carriage doesn’t magically show up on that date to whisk you away to your ceremony. And an adorable red trolley isn’t waiting to escort you and your wedding party around the city for photos. You have to arrange all of that. Oy.

3. The Rings

Wedding rings are a somewhat important detail. And sure, I’ve thought about the kind of wedding ring I want, and talked to my fiancé about the kind of ring he wants. But we haven’t actually made any moves to, I don’t know, buy them. This past weekend, I had my engagement ring cleaned at the jeweler where it was purchased, and the salesgirl casually mentioned setting up an appointment to shop for wedding bands in the next few months. Um, I didn’t even know we needed an appointment to do that. And we certainly haven’t made any plans—even tentatively—to do so anytime soon. But I guess we should?

4. The Marriage License

Having a wedding is fun and all, but it’s probably even better if the whole thing is official. In the back of my mind, I know we need to head to some sort of government building shortly before the wedding to file for a marriage license, but I can really see this one slipping from my memory as we get bogged down with clearly more pressing details like flowers and photo booths and what not.

5. The Ceremony Music

Reception music is one of the things we’ve actually been good about planning. We knew that wedding bands and DJs book up quickly, so we made sure to be on top of securing one. And now that we have, music is far from my mind. So to our guests out there: If I start walking down the aisle in silence, feel free to jump in with an impromptu arrangement of All You Need Is Love, a la “Love Actually” (Okay, even if we do have ceremony music planned, I’d freaking love that. Hint, Hint.)

6. The Card Box

When I attend weddings, I pretty much always order the gift online ahead of time and have it shipped to the bride and groom’s home. But I also almost always bring a physical card with me to the wedding, as I’m sure do all the people who choose to gift cash and checks. And when I’m at these weddings, I think nothing of the—often Pinterest-y and adorable—box with a little slit waiting for the cards. Now that I’m planning, though, I realize that somewhat important box has not crossed my mind once until I sat down to write this post. What are the chances it’ll cross my mind again before the wedding? Dammit, I cannot forget the box!

7. The Registry

In theory, this should be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Going around stores with a little gun scanning all the things we want? Yes, please. But we just keep pushing it back. People have even started to ask us where we’re registered, and there’s an empty space on our wedding website begging for that information. But my fiancé and I never seem to get past the passive, “We should really plan a day to go register” and th “I wonder if it’s possible to register at Nordstrom” comments. If this continues, that aforementioned card box could be really important.

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