12 Super Random Reality Shows To Get Re-Addicted To Online

Need something to pass the time through the upcoming bleak winter months? How about some random D-list reality shows you can watch online? There is something oddly addictive about getting sucked into the circa 2007 life crises of random semi-celebrities.

1. “The Ashlee Simpson Show”

Remember when Ashlee was a cute 19-year-old full of endearing ambition and was dating Ryan Cabrera? Watch it here!

2. “There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel”

Back in 2006, the former O-Town star was attempting to redeem his music career and provide for his pregnant girlfriend. Watch it here!

3. “Making The Band 4″

A bunch of randoms compete for fame in the music biz. Watch it here!

4. “House Of Carters”

Nick and Aaron Carter’s family members all crammed into one house, shouting at each other. Watch it here!

5. “Naked and Afraid”

A collection of naked and afraid peeps in the middle of the jungle, risking starvation and disease for…some reason? Watch it here!

6. “Engaged and Underage”

A real-time road to divorce. Watch it here!

7. “Made”

High schoolers receive free professional coaching in making their dreams come true, but most of them give up on the challenge about a week in. Watch it here!

8. “Bridezillas”

Problematic though it may be, there are few things on this planet more entertaining than a quality bridal meltdown. Watch it on Netflix!

9. “Laguna Beach”

Rich teenage reality stars who will go on to be rich twenty-something reality stars. Watch it here!

10. “The Hills”

The even more addictive follow-up to “Laguna Beach” in which Lauren Conrad and friends continue their relationship drama while “interning” in the fashion business. Watch it here!

11. “The City”

Yet another “Laguna Beach”/”Hills” spin-off in which Whitney Port moves to New York to be a fashun stah. Watch it here!

12. “Brat Camp”

Horrible children are sent to the woods where they learn about following rules. Watch it here!