Woman Pretends To Be A Ghost On Tinder; Tinder Guys Are Not Deterred

New York comedian Grace Spelman is a god damned inspiration. She created a Twitter account specifically to pretend that she was a ghost Tinder-ing from beyond the grave…

How could a ghost possibly Tinder, you ask? Easy: iCloud.

To accomplish this, she put a swirl effect over her face in her profile pictures.

The swirl effect happens because she exists on a different light spectrum.

One guy offered her an “un-swirly,” which, of course, she promptly refused.

The ploy offered up waaaaay too many opportunities for guys to make bad jokes, as it turned out.

It also totally did not deter them from pursuing her sexually.

A lot of them were confused…

And this guy was even weirder than a chick who goes on Tinder to pretend she’s a ghost.


Well, I guess now we know that the bar is ghost-low for some guys on Tinder.

[h/t i100]

[Image via Twitter]

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