What Surprising Thing Did You Learn About Yourself In 2014?

Did this year’s experiences teach you anything about yourself that you didn’t expect? I learned that I’m more resilient than I thought, that I can actually make a good pie crust, that I’m more productive in the morning than at night, that I will never willingly wear harem pants, and that I can find the good in really bad situations. What about you?I don’t know if there’s something up with the universe or if it’s just an anecdotal coincidence, but it seems like just about everyone I know underwent major life changes this year. Here’s what some other members of the Frisky staff learned about themselves:

“I learned that I really cannot pull off the fuck buddy thing as chilltown as I pretend. I also learned that I don’t want to move to LA after all.” — Amelia

“I learned how to make some really easy go-to dishes in my crock pot. I also learned how to listen to myself, and not to others, when it comes to what I really want.” — Katie

“1. I can’t travel for more than five days at a time without getting anxious.

2. I neg myself way too much.

2a. I’m better at a lot of things than I think I am, particularly writing and art.

3. I have like a perma-craving for York peppermint patties.” — Rebecca

I’d love to hear about your own discoveries in the comments, if you want to share! [Image via Shutterstock]