Garth Brooks Joins Justin Timberlake Onstage For Epic Rendition Of “Friends In Low Places”

I hate everybody in Nashville who went to the Justin Timberlake concert over the weekend. HATE THEM. The singer, who’s always been vocal about his admiration for country superstar Garth Brooks, brought the legend out onstage to surprise the audience with a duet of “Friends in Low Places,” and what went down was EPIC.

Part way through Justin’s version of the hit song, he paused and said, “Hold on, now something don’t feel right, something don’t feel right, Nashville.” He then added, “I mean, if you’re going to do this — Garth?”

Then Garth emerged from backstage and helped JT sing the “lost verse” which goes at the end of the song. While I’m not HORRIBLY disappointed I missed this, because I’m seeing Garth in Boston next month, this is basically my dream duet. If you’re reading this, Garth, I’m expecting you to surprise us with Justin next month. If he’s not available, I’ll settle for Beyoncé. K, thanks. [Taste of Country]

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