Glenn Beck Cosplays As Glenn Beck From A Bleak Future Where No One Listened To Glenn Beck

I don’t even know how I should begin trying to explain this. Glenn Beck apparently thinks he’s Laurence Olivier now or some shit, and has created this bizarre video in which he speaks from the future…to other people in the future, about how everything in the whole world went to shit after the year 2014, because people didn’t listen to Glenn Beck or Cliven Bundy. And now there are only crappy VHS camcorders and no religion and Glenn Beck has to live in some kind of weird cabin or something like a hermit? I don’t know. Also he’s not allowed to say he’s an American. Probably because evil progressives banned the word American because we didn’t want people like Glenn Beck to have anything to be proud of.

Mostly he just rambles a lot in a beard and tries to act like he’s being super profound, and then repeatedly insists that he is not in fact “crazy.” Which is I guess a thing you can do when you have your own internet network and probably do not surround yourself with people likely to tell you that something like this is a terrible idea.