Listen To These Audiobooks On Your Flight Home For The Holidays

Now that “Serial” is over, what the hell are you going to listen to on your flight back to your family’s house for the holidays? My flight from New York City to my mom’s house is surprisingly quick, but it’s just long enough for boredom to start creeping in if you don’t come prepared with a book. If you’re more of the listening type, put together a nifty list of their audiobook titles that can be heard in full by the time you land, and I’m thinking of giving it a try. The books are grouped by the duration of some of the most popular travel routes in the US, which you can adapt based on the length of your own flight!

Boston to Washington, DC (1 hour and 25 minutes)

New York City to Miami (3 hours)

San Francisco to New York City (6 hours)

Atlanta to Las Vegas (4 hours)

Los Angeles to Honolulu (5 1/2 hours)

[Image via Shutterstock]