Did Vaccines Give YOUR Child The Gay? Morons Investigate!

Are you concerned that measles, mumps and rubella aren’t the only things your child is being vaccinated against? Could the same shot that immunizes your daughter against deadly viruses also be immunizing her against the dick? Could that shot in the butt you got as a kid cause you to crave even more shots in the butt as an adult? These are just a few of the “legitimate” questions you might ask yourself if you are a complete and total idiot, or if you are the person operating the VacTruth.com Facebook page.

For the record,vaccines cannot turn your child gay anymore than they can give you curly hair. However, that did not stop the anti-vaxxers on the page from having a fascinating discussion on all the other things vaccines could maybe hypothetically do (like cause MS!) and other things that might make your kids gay. Like, maybe being exposed to Agent Orange could make your kids gay?!?

Who knows? The world is rich with possibilities when you are literally just sitting around making shit up all day, and every question is a “legitimate” question when you are the sort of person who thinks any question anyone asks is a legitimate question. Like, why is there a red car parked outside my parents house? Is it because I had a bagel for lunch today? What’s the difference between a duck? Are chemtrails responsible for the fact that “The Big Bang Theory” is still on the air? Is fluoridated water the reason I left my phone in a cab one time? Who can ever really know?