Admit It, At Some Point You’ve Been Tempted To Start An Airplane Brawl Like This One

I kid, but this is actually terrible: yesterday, a brawl broke out between three women on an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong over a crying baby. Two women were woken up mid-flight by crying, so they confronted the baby’s mom, a 27-year-old woman named Chan Juan Sung. I’m going to take a wild guess and imagine that when you’re a frazzled parent whose kid is screaming in an enclosed space, the last thing you need is to be told that your child is screaming loudly. Sung was already acutely aware of that fact. When the confrontation resolved little, the two women passive-aggressively reclined their seats as far back as they’d go, because they are mature grown-ups. Before anyone could register what was happening, things got physical, with one woman hitting her head on an overhead bin.

Passenger Xiong Wan told the Daily Mail:

“I was sitting right next to them when they started telling the woman to shut the baby up. She started shouting back at them and before I knew what was happening she leant over the seat and punched one of them. They then started hitting her and all hell broke loose. They were fighting, the baby was now screaming and other passengers were shouting. It was like some bizarre film.”

So basically, it sounds like the way the airplane scene in “Bridesmaids” would’ve played out if it were real life instead of a romantic comedy. At this point, I’m going to presume the only people have a worse day than these three (and that poor unsuspecting baby) were the flight attendants who were tasked with breaking up these grown children at 35,000 feet. They ultimately managed to tear the women apart from each other, though it probably didn’t hurt that the pilot threatened to make an emergency landing if they didn’t stop hitting. The plane landed in Hong Kong on time, and police met the flight to question the women. No word on whether the baby ever stopped crying.

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