2014: The Year In Jenna Marbles Being Weird

Jenna Marbles is one of my greatest pleasures. My thoughts on Jenna Marbles are almost unequivocally positive. I started watching her channel when she posted “Some Idiot/How Sports Bras Work” about Yuksul Aytug’s truly idiotic comments about female Olympians and have watched every single main-channel video since then. Jenna Marbles is basically the highlight of my mid-week.

And I get that she says stuff that doesn’t seem particularly enlightened to leftists and feminists and people who are invested in social justice. She got reamed after making a video called “Things I Don’t Understand About Sluts,” and I totally agree with the objections to that video, but I don’t know. At the same time, I find it tremendously condescending when the feminist movement (as much as that’s a thing) singles out a woman for “internalized misogyny” and decides to tell her what she should be thinking, if she would just enlighten herself and get on their level. The same thing happened this week with Beyoncé’s 2014 retrospective video “Yours and Mine,” because she said that men and women balance each other out, and defined herself as a feminist and humanist in a way that many feminists and humanists believe is naïve (at best, and ignorant at worst). It’s a demand for female public figures to be perfect feminists — as majority feminism would have them be — straight out of the gate, and it gives no slack, leaves no room for growth, and turns women who are powerful, outspoken, self-possessed, and confident away from feminism. Just look at Amanda Palmer, who just last month decried a “radical, violent brand of feminism” that, let’s be honest, a lot of feminists who consider themselves (OK, ourselves) “moderate” have engaged in, in some capacity.

Besides, it’s not everyone’s job to be a feminist. It’s kind of my job, but it’s only nominally Beyoncé’s job, and it’s not Amanda Palmer’s or Jenna Marbles’. They’re entertainers who made names for themselves by being radically, thoroughly, and publicly their selves. That’s why Jenna Marbles took off as a YouTube personality – she is weird as fuck, and she just lets that out more and more as time goes on. I love and admire women like that, even if they don’t say exactly the politically right thing 100 percent of the time.

And speaking of Jenna Marbles being weird as fuck, seriously, it has been a tremendous year for her weirdness. Her Drunk Art School videos are sort of the mildest example of that, and anything having to do with her boyfriend Julien (who, BTW, is hot and looks kind of like my boyfriend) are sort of the intermediate level. But this year she’s also upped the number of music videos she’s  made, and those are really the like masterpiece of weirdness on her YouTube channel.

In honor of Jenna Marbles’ Year of Getting Even Weirder Than Usual, here are some of the choicest of those music videos:

Dropping Beets With David Guetta and Calvin Harris

Literal beets. Literally dropping. For over two minutes.

Marbles Don’t Do It

Jenna got a ukulele and made a song about her chihuahua Marbles’ anxiety about jumping down from things.

This Are This

Not technically a music video, but a follow-up to last year’s music video “What Are This?”, in which Jenna’s squinting Italian greyhound Kermit (Cermet) teaches her boyfriend Julien’s dog Peach (Paesh) what things are, complete with inappropriate humping footage, and also poop.


A butt-acceptance extravaganza. “We all join butts in a great circle of butts.”

12 Days of Your Annoying Girlfriend

In which a totally basic bitch slowly replaces her love for her boyfriend with a love for Chipotle burrito bowls.

Go on with yourself, Jenna! I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

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