This Judy Garland GIF Sums Up All My Feelings On #MeninistTwitter

Buzzfeed just posted a collection of #MeninistTwitter tweets, and the hashtag is such a hot mess of contradictory motives, logical fallacies, and bad rhetorical skills that I actually consider it beneath a formal response. My only addendum to Judy’s total lack of interest is that if you’re going to make an argument in the English language, you should probably make up words that actually adhere to linguistic rules, i.e. “masculist” as a response to “feminist” rather than “meninist,” which means literally nothing, etymologically speaking.

Here’s the full video of “I Don’t Care” (from the movie “In the Good Old Summertime”), which is also a masterpiece. I’m going to go make some tea and wait for the Twitter mentions to roll in with my cursor on the “block” button.



[Image via Giphy]

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