Stephen Collins: “I’m A Flawed Man”

  • Admitted child molester Stephen Collins to Katie Couric: “I’m a flawed person.” No, Stephen Collins, I am a flawed person. You are a sexual predator of children. [People]
  • Yikes! Nicki Minaj had a bit of a nippley wardrobe malfunction on “Watch What Happens Live.” [Us Weekly]
  • So apparently North Korea is centrally involved in the Sony hack. Does that mean they’re also responsible for the threats against theaters showing the now-canceled release of “The Interview”? [Us Weekly]
  • Is Justin Timberlake getting cold feet about becoming a father? TOO LATE DUDE. [Radar]
  • Sharon Osbourne’s tooth fell out on live television, you guys. [Death and Taxes]
  • Not going to lie, I’m totally feeling Zac Efron’s porn ‘stache. [Popsugar]
  • The original cast of “The Real World: New York” reunited and they are all so old and puffy, just like I’ll be. [E!]
  • In Touch referred to Solange Knowles’ natural hair as looking like “a black poodle,” which is just not racist at all, nope, nope. [The Gloss]
  • “American Horror Story” has revealed how the different seasons are connected. [Huffington Post]