30 Superficial Ways You Know You’re Becoming A Grown-Up

Sure, reveling in your youth is fun and all, but nothing’s more striking than those moments when you catch yourself making a decidedly adult choice and realize your younger self would never even recognize you. The road to emotional maturity may be long and bumpy, but sometimes it’s the simple things that make you feel most like a grown-up. When you gleefully partake in these 30 surface-level habits, you know you’re becoming a big kid.

1. Instead of debating whether to eat the questionable leftover fried rice in your fridge from four days ago, you just fork over the $10 for new takeout.

2. You remove the moldy mystery box from the back of the fridge instead of letting it sit there and fester.

3. You’re actually excited to get Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel catalogues in the mail.

4. You buy your partner practical holiday gifts like blenders or ice scrapers.

5. Drinking bottled wine out of a glass instead of boxed wine out of a solo cup.

6. That bottled wine is something nicer than $10 Trader Joe’s wine.

7. You own a spice rack.

8. Your checkbook actually balances the way you intended.

9. You have an actual savings account.

10. You get excited over buying a new Swiffer.

11. Your to-do list consists of actual tasks you’ll do this week instead of a series of overzealous, denial-filled projects you’ll get to sometime next year.

12. You’ve gained enough patience to actually order a good pizza and wait for it instead of picking up one of those $5 pre-made pizzas.

13. When you go out for drinks, your friends are all super laid back about buying each other drinks instead of resorting to the cocktail-hoarding stinginess of your college days.

14. You get your car’s oil changed in a semi-timely manner.

15. You take out the trash when you notice it’s filling up instead of when it starts to overflow, even if it’s technically your roommate’s turn.

16. You stop walking through the $1 section of Target because you see it for the money-sucking trap that it is.

17. You keep Advil, bandaids, and/or emergency ballet flats in your purse at all times.

18. You own at least one piece of non-IKEA furniture that you purchased for yourself.

19. Really caring about linens (and using the word “linens”).

20. Putting art and posters in frames instead of just tacking them to the wall.

21. Taking multi-vitamins and using wrinkle cream.

22. The thought of a Friday night doing nothing is WAY more exciting than having plans.

23. You catch yourself saying little catchphrases or comments that your mom used to irk you with when you were younger.

24. Sunday is your favorite day of the week.

25. You make appointments to have your taxes done long before they’re due.

26. You get super excited about the bounty of veggies at the farmers market.

27. On Halloween you’d rather stay home, hand out candy and go to bed at 9:00 than go out.

28. You actually iron your clothes (and enjoy doing it) instead of attempting to smooth out wrinkles with your hair dryer.

29. You start snarling at rude teenagers and kids who aren’t even bothering you.

30. You have a 401(k) and understand how it works.

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