Stephen Collins On Molestation Allegations: “I Did Something Terribly Wrong That I Deeply Regret”

  • Stephen Collins, the dad from “7th Heaven,” has admitted to the child molestation charges leveled against him by his ex-wife, telling People, “Forty years ago, I did something terribly wrong that I deeply regret. I have been working to atone for it ever since. … As difficult as this is, I want people to know the truth.” TINY VIOLINS, REVEREND CAMDEN. [People]
  • Selena Gomez, GIRL, we need to have a talk. According to Us Weekly, you spent most of Taylor Swift’s recent birthday party crying about Justin Bieber, while guests like BEYONCEEEEEEEE mingled and drank beer. What are you doing crying about anything in the presence of Beyonce? Do you not have any appreciation for this life you have been given? [Us Weekly]
  • Hello, have you listened to the first Dear Sugar podcast? IT IS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED. Cheryl Strayed in my life every week?! YES. PLEASE. [WBUR]
  • Wheelchair Jimmy, I mean, Drake nail decals? Is it Christmas already? [YouBeauty]
  • If you were in New York City on Saturday and you chose to attend GODAWFUL SantaCon instead of the #MillionsMarchNYC protest, there is no hope for you. [Jezebel]
  • I must admit I was slightly concerned about the Sony hackers’ threats to commit acts of terrorism at theaters showing “The Interview” because my brother works at the theater that was supposed to host the premiere. Luckily, it has been canceled. But also, really, terrorism OVER A JAMES FRANCO MOVIE? C’mon now. [Us Weekly]
  • Who the hell approved the making and release of this movie anyway?! Oh yeah, the U.S. government. [Decider]
  • Who won the 7th season of “The Voice”? Find out at the link! [People]
  • Prosecutors will not be bringing charges against Bill Cosby after a woman came forward and said the comic sexually assaulted her 40 years ago, when she was only 15. [People]