Camille Cosby Compares The Over Two Dozen Sexual Assault Allegations Against Her Husband To The UVA Case AND I JUST CAN’T EVEN

You know, up until this point, I have maintained a modicum of sympathy for Camille Cosby. Maybe she’s really had no fucking clue that her husband is a serial rapist who drugs women. (Alleged-fucking-ly. EYE ROLL.) Maybe he is JUST THAT GOOD of an actor. And maybe it’s possible that we just don’t know what steps she’s taking to end her marriage now that over a dozen women have come forward sharing incredibly similar stories about how the entertainer lured them to his apartment, often under the guise of an “audition,” drugged their drinks and then sexually assaulted them. We don’t know! It’s not like Camille has had anything to say. UNTIL NOW. Please see the statement Mrs. Cosby released to CBS News above. While you read, I am going to go quietly vomit in the trash can under my desk.

So, here are the nuts and bolts of Camille’s defense of her husband:

1. He is a kind, generous and funny husband.

Newsflash: Rapists can rape women and also be kind, generous and funny around other people. How charming your husband is when he is not off drugging and raping women is of no interest to me.

2. The allegations create a portrait of a man she “does not know.”


3. There is no vetting of her husband’s accusers.

What does she mean by vetting? These women have shared their stories of being assaulted by Cosby, many of which took place many years ago. Are they difficult to “fact check” given how much time has passed? Sure. But rape accusations are often hard to fact check when they usually come down to a case of he said/she said. Besides, the media and the public do not have the same responsibility as a court of law. These stories are presented as these women’s testimonials about what they said happened to them. Cosby has been free to deny them and he has sent his lawyer to do so time and time again. The public is free to believe or not believe. What is leading many people to believe that these women’s stories are true is A) their similarities and B) the lack of motivation for them to lie. There is no money, no glory, no prizes to be won by making rape accusations against a beloved TV dad. If a court of law got involved, more would have to be done to “prove’ Cosby’s guilt — but the one time that almost happened, guess what Cosby did? HE SETTLED.

4. People should not believe Bill Cosby raped 20+ women because Rolling Stone did a story about rape at UVA and it had discrepancies.

First of all, in Camille Cosby’s world, “discrepancies” means the woman in the RS story lied. “The story was heart-breaking, but ultimately appears to be proved untrue,” Camille wrote. Excuse me? Jackie’s story has NOT been proved to be untrue AT ALL. All that has been said is that there are discrepancies, mostly related to certain details about the alleged gang rape, but those discrapencies also have totally believable and not-uncommon possible explanations. But anyway, one woman’s story about being gang-raped at UVA has ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to do with Bill Cosby’s alleged rape of over two dozen women over his four-plus decade career. Is Camille saying that because there are discrepancies in one utterly unrelated rape case, we should assume all of the women who are accusing her husband are liars?

THESE THINGS MAKE NO SENSE, CAMILLE. At this point, Mrs. Cosby is willfully in denial about her husband’s sick, monstrous, predatory behavior. She has turned a blind eye to it. And while he is SOLELY responsible for his crimes, Camille Cosby has a few to answer to herself.

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