Bill Nye Explains Evolution With Emojis

Bill Nye has been on an evolution-education kick lately. First, last week, he went on Newsmax’s “MidPoint” to talk about his vehement opposition to creationism being taught in public schools, or at all, to young children. When asked if creationism is making kids less intelligent, he responded:

“Absolutely. They’re holding the kids back. These kids will not be able to participate in the future. Because they will not have this fundamental idea that you can use skeptical thought to learn about nature. They will have to suppress everything they see in nature in order to try and get a worldview that’s compatible with the adults, in whom they trust.”

He clarified that kids who are taught and believe in creationism aren’t “dumb,” but they’re kids “who are unable, or who are uncomfortable, with using the scientific method.” Good point, sir.

He also teamed up with Mashable to make a video explaining evolution with emojis, I imagine to try to attract the younger set to the idea of evolution. It goes a little fast for my old-person brain, but hey! It’s cute, and good luck to him on his mission. He’ll need it.



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