Uber Fails Again By Gouging Sydney Riders During The Hostage Crisis

Rideshare app Uber proved once again that it’s out of touch with its customers this weekend by intentionally raising prices in the middle of a hostage crisis in Sydney. Like, they tweeted about how they were going to increase fare prices. As if it was a good thing.

Let’s just pause for a second here. I know that Uber’s pricing strategy is to raise fares when rides are in high demand. But can we agree that there’s a difference between raising fares near the end of a Crosstown Classic and raising fares when an armed gunman is threatening to kill people? Can we agree that it’s immoral, if not also unethical, to profit off of life-threatening emergencies?

Of course, Uber later announced that they would refund fares for Sydney riders — after a media and social media backlash. It’s really unfortunate that people keep having to tell Uber what the right and wrong ways are to treat their customers.

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[Image of released Sydney hostage via Getty]

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