SHOCKER: Eric Bolling Said Something Stupid About Women

I avoid Fox News entirely for exactly this reason. Every time I watch a clip from Fox News — excepting Bill O’Reilly’s sympathetic monologue about the injustice of Eric Garner’s murder — I just end up with high blood pressure. I don’t like to hate-watch! And yet, I keep hate-watching.

Anyway, in this week’s edition of Eric Bolling Says Something Stupid, the hosts of “The Five” were talking about the study recently released in the British Medical Journal that says that men are absolutely more prone to taking idiotic risks than women. Here’s how Eric Bolling interpreted this:

“Men take more risks, we take more chances, we probably die more often taking those risks and chances. But we’re more successful, we’re better traders, we’re better leaders, and we’re better athletes. […] There should be no question that the higher the risk you’re willing to take, the higher the reward you will ultimately get, with success. So there’s some failures – yes, you die – and that’s some of the downside to taking risks.”

Oh my god, Eric Bolling, just stop. There’s so much wrong with this analysis. Like, first of all, the British Medical Journal specifically said idiotic risk-taking. Verbatim, that’s what they were evaluating. Not risk-taking, period, but idiotic, life-endangering risk-taking. Eric Bolling operates on the assumption that all risks are the same, i.e. making a risky trade is the same thing as, say, using gym equipment in such a massively inappropriate way that you are pretty much guaranteed to get an injury. Dude, trading actually has a high level of skill behind it. It’s not just betting on crazy shit and hoping it works out; you have to understand economics, constantly educate yourself on the market, and have a good grasp on your intuition. It’s not the same thing.

Second, better athletes how? You have to put athleticism in context, don’t you? Like, men have different musculature than women, so it’s not even worth making that comparison. Furthermore, taking idiotic risks is a terrible idea for athletes — I know so many people (men) who were promising athletes in high school, were headed toward scholarships, and then took idiotic risks, got injured, and now can’t play sports at even a moderate level. Pro athletes take risks, but they take measured risks if they want to have careers for more than a few years.

Third, about success: I kind of figure that Eric Bolling believes that history restarts the minute he wakes up every morning, and that’s why he can make history up as he goes along. Um, no, Eric Bolling. Men’s economic success might have something to do with the fact that, for instance, it wasn’t until 1987 that Cambridge University adopted an equal opportunity policy for admissions, or that capitalism has existed for around 400 years, but women have only even nominally had legal economic protections in place for about 50. As for leadership, of the world’s 195 countries, 68 have women as heads of state currently. The US has had 0 ever. Personally, I consider that a failure of our (male-dominated) leadership.

But OK! You do you, Eric Bolling. You do you. [Media Matters]

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