D’Angelo Releases Black Messiah, The Sex Soundtrack Of The Season

It’s been 14 years since D’Angelo has graced us with a new album, but the time has finally come — and so will a lot of you, because Black Messiah is just begging to be banged to. But would we really expect anything less from the guy who brought us “Brown Sugar”? Nope.

D’Angelo’s last album, Voodoo, came out in 2000, and I fondly remember it playing during hot hookup sessions with my high-school boyfriend. I mean, come on. How could you listen to “The Line” and not take your pants off? Anyway, his third album is even sexier, and now we’ve all had some time to perfect our undressing and improve our pants-off time.

Listen to Black Messiah here or stream it on Spotify here. Now go on and make some babies.