A Woman Misidentified As UVA’s Jackie Is Taking Legal Action Against Chuck Johnson

  • A woman identified by (Living Piece Of Poop) Chuck Johnson as UVA’s Jackie isn’t Jackie, and is pressing charges. (Jezebel)
  • Bill Cosby Defender Whoopi Goldberg interviewed Bill Cosby Victim Beverly Johnson, and it was as ridiculous as you’d imagine on Whoopi’s part. (Death and Taxes)
  • Another horrifying story about a lack of justice for rape victims on university campuses has come out of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. (VICE Sports)
  • Female researchers at universities are at as much of a risk as the rest of the female population of being raped, especially by their supervisors. (Atlantic)
  • Can we diminish rape culture by training bystanders of any cultural or political background – even those who tell rape jokes, for example – to intervene? (Guardian)
  • Even though rape isn’t policed enough, plenty of other — consensual — types of sex are. (Al Jazeera America)
  • Read a profile of the Cyberfeminists, some of the first online and digital media women’s rights advocates. (VICE)
  • Redditors have created a Hae Min Lee memorial scholarship fund, in honor of the subject of NPR’s Serial broadcast. (Daily Dot)