Schmidt From “New Girl” Breaks It Down To Rihanna (Three Years Ago)

This video of Schmidt from “New Girl” (Max Greenfield in prosthetics and costume) lip-syncing to Rihanna is apparently making the rounds on social media today. The video itself is three years old, and Zooey Deschanel posted it on the blog she co-founded, Hello Giggles, with the following short summary:

My new girl co-star, Max Greenfield, made this video of himself singing Rihanna whilst wearing prosthetic makeup and a whole lot of padding. The result is indescribable. Enjoy.

Indeed! My guess as to why it’s trending again now is that we’ve all come to love Schmidt so much more in the last three years. He’s made our hearts grow ten sizes. I don’t know about you, but even though I’m totally over the Nick-and-Jess storyline, I will not be able to rest emotionally until Schmidt and Cece are back together. Schece 4ever!

[Hello Giggles]


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