Scott Stapp Allegedly Claimed To Be A CIA Operative On A Mission To Kill President Obama

Well, this is gnarly. Scott Stapp, lead singer of one of the worst bands ever, Creed, allegedly threatened to kill President Obama, according to a 911 call made by his estranged ex-wife and sister-in-law, and obtained by TMZ. The call was placed last month and obviously Stapp has not made good on his alleged threat, but it’s further evidence that the rocker is dealing with mental health issues. (Previous to this incident, Stapp had raised concerns when he took to the internet to claim that he was broke and homeless, and then was found by police on the side of a road, incoherent and claiming to have been poisoned.)

On the 911 call, Stapp’s soon-to-be-ex Jacklyn claims Stapp had suddenly left the mental health facility he was staying at, fleeing shirtless on a bike and claiming to be a CIA agent on a mission to kill the President. He was allegedly carrying a backpack with printouts of CIA documents found on the internet.

Meanwhile, Stapp also called 911 saying that Jacklyn had stolen his truck and over six million dollars from him, and when he confronted her, she tried to have him committed. Jacklyn did request that Stapp be placed in that temporary psychiatric hold last month, and the request was granted, but ultimately it was decided that Stapp did not present enough of a threat to warrant being held involuntarily. I wonder if further steps will be taken if Stapp did indeed make threats against POTUS. Regardless, as much as I think his music is garbage, I really do hope he gets the help he needs. [TMZ]