Beyoncé Gets Deep In New Short Film, “Yours And Mine”

A year ago today (well, technically tonight/tomorrow at midnight), Beyoncé blew the Hive’s mind by dropping her super secret visual album, BEYONCÉ, without fanfare or promotion, probably because she knew it was the best thing ever. In celebration of the last year, which saw the pop star embark on both a solo tour in support of the album and a co-headlining tour with husband Jay Z, Beyonce released a 11+ minute short film on YouTube today, called “Yours and Mine.” In the film, Bey reflects on, what else, Beyoncé, and shares her thoughts on everything from feminism and motherhood to fame and marriage, all themes from her album. The film itself is full of visuals you’ll recognize from the videos that accompanied each of the tracks on BEYONCÉ, plus some never-before-seen footage, like Bey brushing her teeth.

I was especially moved by this sentiment expressed towards the end of the film:

“You know, everybody’s not good at everything. You know, it’s okay to depend on someone. It’s actually what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to depend on each other. And when you find the person that you trust and you love and you feel is going to respect you and take all of the shit you have and turn it around and bring out the best in you, it feeds you. It is the most powerful thing you could ever feel in your life. Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy. And one thing that’s for sure, the love I have, the music, for my husband, for my child, is something that will last far beyond my life.”

Not gonna lie, if Bey were to add “Self-Help Guru” to her already lengthy resume and released a book on happiness and contentment, I would totally snatch that shit up and read it in one sitting. Tell me how to livvvvvvve, B! [Jezebel]