This Is What Happens When A High School Student Allows A Teacher To Take A Bite Of His Pot Brownie

It was just another day at high school in Arnold, Maryland when one little pot brownie changed the game. The story goes like this: a student was eating his beloved brownie in class, sharing with his girlfriend (as you do) who sat nearby, when their teacher approached and asked for a bite of the brownie.

Now, before I continue with this story, I want it to be known that I have no idea what kind of teacher would actually accept a brownie from a student mid-class, let alone ASK FOR IT. Hello, inappropriate. Also, germs. Moving on…

Shortly after the teacher ate the treat, other Broadneck High School teachers noticed her acting disoriented. She complained about feeling ill and was checked out by the school nurse, who didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened. The teacher was taken to a local hospital, where she was examined and released. It’s safe to say she was probably pretty mellow about the whole thing, if I had to guess.

According to the student, he was planning on only sharing the brownie with his girlfriend, but panicked when the teacher asked him for a bite. The stoner student has been slammed with a list of charges including possession of a controlled dangerous substance, CDS distribution, assault and reckless endangerment, and was released to his parents.

A local police officer, Lt. T.J. Smith, told the news of the “incident”: “This wasn’t a smart day of decision-making here.” NO KIDDING. [Gawker] [WBAL]