Emma Sulkowicz’s Anti-Rape Performance Artwork Carry That Weight Has Topped Vulture’s List Of 2014’s Best Art Shows

Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz’s art performance, Carry That Weight, has topped Vulture’s list of 2014’s best art shows — beating out even Kara Walker’s widely acclaimed A Subtletly. Sulkowicz has been carrying a mattress identical to the one on which she was raped everywhere she goes, by herself or with others, since September to draw attention to Columbia’s negligence of her case. Columbia still hasn’t delivered anything even approaching justice to Sulkowicz, but she’s inspired women on campuses across the country to be vocal and visible in the fight to get universities to handle rape investigations with the respect and thoroughness they deserve.

It’s been a big year for Sulkowicz – in September, she and her mattress also made the cover of New York Magazine; she won a Susan B. Anthony Award from the National Organization for Women, and legendary body artist Marina Abramovic wants to meet her and is looking forward to her future works — as are we all.


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