Life Dream Status: Bill Nye & Jessica Williams Will Help Us Explore Science

GE’s #EmojiScience campaign, which launched today conducting experiments in NYU’s science labs, provides a divine outlet for we non-Ph.D. folk who stew over burning scientific questions while wishing we had an astrophysicist on speed dial. Over the next two days, stars like Bill Nye, Jessica Williams of “The Daily Show,” Gary Vaynerchu and Baratunde Thurston will help GE scientists run emoji-inspired experiments and prove that, in the words of GE, “there’s science in everything, including emojis.” Those of us who are casual “Cosmos” viewers, “Interstellar” head-scratchers or just have a tendency to get lost in science-related Wikipedia k-holes can join the party by sending a SnapChat of our favorite emoji to “GeneralElectric” from 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. today, tomorrow and Friday. SnapChatters will receive a video of a live science experiment that fits their emoji of choice (personally, this one has my vote) conducted by a GE scientist or one of the aforementioned celebrity guests. Science: it’s fun! It’s hip!