Compassionate Fashion: Use Threadflip For Ethical Gifting This Season

Am I the only person on the planet who wasn’t yet addicted to Threadflip? If so, why was I not enlightened sooner? The site is kind of like a much cozier, style-focused and user-friendly version of eBay, and it’s a perfect way to buy fashionable holiday gifts without contributing to a less-than-stellar, sweatshop-fueled clothing industry. These past few months, I’ve attempted to step back from the fast fashion cycle, and to be conscious about buying more ethically made clothing. I’ve caved a few times, but I’ve also slowly started to pare down my wardrobe and think about exactly what is missing from it before heading out shopping to avoid impulse buys. One of the easiest ways to break free of that vicious cycle — and in turn, to take a small step toward a world with fewer sweatshops and a less wasteful planet — is through buying clothes secondhand. To me, upping my thrifting game in the name of ethics sounds more like a treat than a sacrifice, because I’ve always enjoyed secondhand shopping more than scouring department stores in the first place.

Hunting through tucked-away shops for hidden gems almost feels like a game. Secondhand clothing stores, whether they’re your run-of-the-mill modern resale shop or a flossy vintage seller, are different every time you visit. You never know what treasures you’ll find, and whatever you discover is guaranteed to be exponentially cheaper than what you would’ve found on the overly trendy full-price rack at the mall. The (semi-smug) rush I get from finding something I’ve long been coveting for 80% off the original price is addictive, and that’s what keeps me in the habit! The trade-off for those great finds, however, is the effort that goes into physically visiting stores to dig around for whatever it is you want, sometimes over a span of a few weeks, until you track down exactly what you were looking for – when it would be so easy to just pop online and buy it brand new at full price.

Sites like Threadflip make it possible to chase the thrifting high or resell unwanted clothes from the comfort of my bed or my phone instead of trekking all over the city. This makes it perfect for holiday gift shopping. I never want to fully give up the fun of in-person thrifting, but sometimes a girl is just too tired or the weather is just too terrible to warrant leaving the house, and taking your search online when you’re looking for something specific makes the process faster. Buy someone you love a gorgeous gently used purse or previously loved necklace and know that you’re making strides toward a better clothing industry!