What Does Your Profession Say About Your Love Goals?

The dating app Clover analyzed data from 33,000 of their users to figure out what people in different professions want out of their, well, not exactly “love lives,” in all circumstances, but what they want when they meet new people, especially through the app.

Apparently, doctors and lawyers need friends (m’aww). Actors DEFINITELY just want to hook up; journalists, PR people, and construction workers are big on keeping it casual; police officers, programmers, psychologists, and teachers could go either for a casual thing or a long-term relationship; and if you’re dating a pharmacist, be ready to be in it for the long haul.

I dunno, that seems pretty accurate, doesn’t it? Clover says they don’t know if social circles, income, or free time play a role — you’d think they’d have to. I feel so bad for the lonely, lonely doctors and lawyers. I’ve known doctors I’d be friends with if the whole doctor-patient confidentiality thing hadn’t obstructed our friendship! What do you guys think? Check out the infographic for more details!


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