It’s Time To Cry: Terminally Ill 6-Year-Old Asks For A Lifetime’s Worth Of Christmas Cards

This year, add another Christmas card to your list and make one little girl’s last holiday season a bright one. Addie Fausett of Fountain Green, Utah, suffers from an undiagnosed illness that causes cerebral atrophy, which affects her speech and motor skills, according to CNN. At age three, Addie stopped growing, and now, at 6, she weighs only 23 pounds. According to doctors, Addie is only expected to live one more year, likely making this Christmas her last.

After receiving such a devastating prognosis, Addie’s family decided to ask for donations of Christmas cards to give their little girl a lifetime of love and joy from strangers across the world.

“She doesn’t get to play with kids, so we thought if everyone sent her a card, we could tell all her they were all her friends, and it would just help make her Christmas a little bit better,” Tami Fausett , Addie’s mother said.

After making the request several weeks ago, combined with launching a “Little Addie” Facebook page, the cards started trickling in. Now, the family is receiving nearly 1,000 cards daily and has received thousands of sweet, uplifting, handwritten cards from across the globe.

“I had no idea asking for a card would spread so fast. It means a lot that so many people care that much,” Fausett said. “A card doesn’t seem like a lot, but to Addie it is so much. It is amazing.”

Want to make Addie’s last Christmas a special one? Here’s where you can mail a card!

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