Introducing Thirstie, The App That Delivers Booze To Your Doorstep Within The Hour

Having a group of friends over in 10 minutes and forgot to pick up the Bacardi? Enjoying your pity party at home, and it’s way too freakin’ cold to trek to the liquor store? Have no fear. I just discovered Thirstie, a wine and spirits delivery app that will bring booze to your doorstep within 60 minutes of placing an order. In other words, the answer to my winter prayers.

The service is available to residents of New York City, Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Free and easy to use, Thirstie allows you to search for your favorite alcohol and discover new brands while you’re at it. The app has also partnered with recipe database Foodily to integrate cocktail recipes within the app, so you can learn how to make the perfect cucumber mojito or figure out what concoction you can mix up with your leftover alcohol.

If you’ve tried out Thirstie, let us know how you like it! If not, check out the app here and give it a whirl. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Introducing Thirstie, The App That Delivers Wine And Spirits To Your Doorstep Within The Hour