Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Does 25 Perfect Christmas Movie Impressions

Dear Guy Who Does 25 Perfect Christmas Movie Impressions,

For the past several weeks, my family members have been asking me what I want for Christmas. Since I have everything I could possibly want (obviously not including the last few seasons of “Friends” on DVD that I need to complete my series), I told them that I just want to watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate and spend time with them. Then I saw the Richet Comedy video of you doing impressions of characters from 25 different Christmas movies and decided I would like YOU from Santa.

I don’t know if you’re single, but I am, and I would love to wake up Christmas morning to you under my tree. You’re funny, entertaining, and fairly cute (we can work on the hair situation). If you have a significant other, I apologize, but I’m going to keep going. With you around, I wouldn’t even need to rent the holiday flicks I planned on watching— I could just have you give me a sound reel of the movies I wanted to watch. We can have an entire Christmas movie marathon WITHOUT EVEN WATCHING THEM. If it were up to me, we would start with “Christmas Vacation,” then work our way through “Elf,” “A Christmas Story” and the others before ending with my favorite, “Home Alone 2″.

Anyway, I don’t have a ton of time to write to you because I still have to pen my letter to Santa Claus telling him to shove you in his sack (OMG that sounds dirty) along with my “Friends” DVDs. We can call this Christmas “The One With Katie’s New Boyfriend.”



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