NOPE To This Grilled Cheese Cronut

I like donuts, I like croissants, and I like yellow cheeses. I do not like them all in the same place.

The cooking blog Oh, Bite It! took Dominique Ansel’s recipe for cronuts and decided that the right thing to do would be to put Kraft American cheese slices in the cronuts instead of filling them with great things like vanilla rose ganache. Refinery 29 said that the cheese makes the cronuts more indulgent. How does Kraft cheese make anything more indulgent? How is Kraft cheese more indulgent than vanilla rose ganache? Indulgent in what, exactly? I disagree wholeheartedly, ma’am.

I’m trying to imagine any yellow cheese tasting good inside a cronut and all I can think is, “Ew, too salty.” Ricotta? Yes. Brie? Yes. Cotswold? Ew. Too salty. I’ll stick to putting Kraft cheese slices in Kraft mac and cheese on the biennial occasions that I eat it, thank you very much.

[Oh, Bite It!]


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