Love This: Business Insider’s 21-Day Plan For Radical Self-Improvement

It’s already mid-December, which means it’s almost time to make resolutions for the new year. But how can you expect to start off with a clean slate if you’re still tackling career, personal and health goals now? I stumbled upon an awesome infographic calendar, created by the folks at Business Insider, that aims to help you improve yourself in 21 days— just enough time to spare before ringing in 2015. From simple tasks like flossing your teeth to more tedious missions like updating your LinkedIn page, BI explains the science behind each step, focusing on how it will help you change your habits and redirect your energy into things you really need to do. Try completing each day of the task calendar with a friend to help motivate each other, and check out the day-by-day breakdown after the jump. Good luck! [Business Insider]

Day 1: Floss (Do it every day for the rest of your life.)
Day 2: Workout (Do it every day for the rest of your life.)
Day 3: Journal (Try it for a few weeks and see if you like it.)
Day 4: Book (Start a novel with a friend.)
Day 5: Lunch Date (Get to know a coworker.)
Day 6: Volunteer (Make a gift of your time and energy.)
Day 7: Museum (Expand your mind.)
Day 8: Spending App (Sign up to get your budget on track.)
Day 9: Closet (Get rid of clothes you don’t wear.)
Day 10: Email (Get inbox to zero.)
Day 11: Reach Out (Get in touch with three old connections.)
Day 12: Live Show (Go to a performance.)
Day 13: Day Trip (Explore somewhere new.)
Day 14: Art (Make something beautiful.)
Day 15: Life Plan (Describe your ideal day in 1, 5 and 10 years.)
Day 16: Passwords (Update everything.)
Day 17: Financial Plan (Set your goals and budget.)
Day 18: LinkedIn (Rigorously update your page.)
Day 19: Reach Out (Contact two people you admire and don’t know.)
Day 20: Nature (Get in touch with your wild side.)
Day 21: Cook (Enjoy an ambitious meal with friends.)