Can Someone Please Explain To Me Why Pretending To Throw Your Kid Off A Balcony Is Funny?

Let me preface this by saying I have a dark sense of humor. I find horribly grim shit that would make most people cringe laughable. That said, I can’t find a damn reason why viral prankster Roman Atwood’s latest stunt is remotely funny. This dude pretends to “accidentally” toss his kid over a balcony to terrify his wife half to death. Nope, not laughing. Too many kids actually die in freak accidents every year. Also, while I’m not a mother, I’m going to venture that believing your child is dead on the floor in front of you tops the list of some of the worst emotions a human can feel, and to have the person she trusts most, her husband, put her in that position is just awful. Gross.