Salvador Perez, Costume Designer For “The Mindy Project” & “Pitch Perfect 2,” Dishes On Dressing The Stars

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a man who is not only way more fashionable than me, but he also rubs elbows with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies on the daily. Salvador Perez, the mastermind behind the fashion seen on FOX’s hit show “The Mindy Project,” as well as the upcoming movie “Pitch Perfect 2,” sat down with me at the launch of Casio’s Baby G watches, and dished on what it’s like to dress Mindy Kaling, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and other stars AS HIS JOB. Here are some of the coolest tidbits and tricks we learned from Sal about dressing the stars, along with a gallery of some of Mindy Kaling’s favorite looks from Sal.

1. “The Mindy Project” Is Sal’s Dream Job: “I have a star, writer, producer and creator who loves clothes as much as I do. Most of the time on shows, you’re fighting to get a fitting in between scenes, but Mindy will come on her day off and stay for 4 hours.”

2. Mindy Kaling Is Average-Sized: Mindy’s a size 8 on top and a 10-12 on bottom.

3. He Believes In The Power Of Custom Clothing: Salvador made Mindy’s black strapless Oscars gown in one week, because none of the gowns she had fit her well. He’s also custom created many of Mindy’s onscreen and off-screen looks (including the number in the image above, which I got to see in person!).

4. Hailee Steinfeld Wasn’t Cast In “Pitch Perfect 2″ Until They Were Filming The Movie: Sal had to create all of Hailee’s onscreen looks in three days, when the rest of the cast had 8 weeks together.

5. Baby G Watches Are Featured On “The Mindy Project” And In “Pitch Perfect 2″: Salvador, a collaborator with Baby G watches, is such a fan of the brand, he always makes sure Xosha Roquemore (Tamra from “The Mindy Project”) is wearing a Baby G that matches her scrubs. He also put Baby G’s on the entire a cappella European supergroup “Das Sound Machine” in “Pitch Perfect 2.”

6. Twenty Percent Of The Outfits From “The Mindy Project” Are Custom Created: Sal loves putting color coats on Mindy, but LA doesn’t offer the variety and lightweight materials for filming in 80 degree heat, so he designs and creates colorful coats to put on her character. When he can’t find clothes to match his vision, he (and his handy seamstresses) makes take it into their own hands.

7. Mindy Doesn’t Recycle Outfits: You’ll never see the same outfit twice on “The Mindy Project.” “Mindy [Lahiri]’s a diva and doesn’t like to reuse outfits,” he says, although Sal has the green light to reuse certain pieces over again.

8. Mindy’s Clothes Match Her Mood: If you watch the episodes, depending on Mindy’s mood, the color palette of her clothing goes up and down. When Mindy’s in a bad mood, her wardrobe is darker. During one episode where Mindy wore pajamas the whole time, they had to overdye her normally-bright PJs to make them more drab.

9. Holy Costume Changes, Batman: Sal estimates that Mindy changes clothes about 10 times an episode. In last year’s season finale, she had 23 costume changes.

10. The “Bellas” Have Gone Dark: For “Pitch Perfect 2,” Elizabeth Banks asked Sal to strip most of the bright colors from the girls’ wardrobes since they’re older and supposed to look more sophisticated.

11. “The Mindy Project” SPOILER ALERT: In the upcoming Christmas episode, Sal reveals that Mindy is a little bit “wounded” and that her green dress is supposed to make her look like a Christmas angel. “The beading is actually supposed to be like feathers, like wings, so it looks like she’s tucked her wings under like an angel.”

12. The “Pitch Perfect” Bellas Needed 150 Flight Attendant Outfits: Remember those show outfits they wore for their competition in the first movie? Sal had to create 150 of them because every girl needed three, and he had to have enough for the “opening Bellas” and “closing Bellas.” “I found them at The Limited and completely re-cut them,” he said. “I also bought all the girls the Ultimate Push-Up bra from Victoria’s Secret.”

13. Mindy Keeps About 1,000 Pairs Of Earrings In Her Trailer: “We never know what kind of mood Mindy’s going to be in or which style she’ll want that day, so we have a bunch.”

14. And 250 Pairs Of Shoes: Mindy keeps about 100 pairs of shoes in the trailer, and another 150 in storage. Last season, she was all about Ferragamo shoes, but this season “it’s all about Stuart Weitzman and pointy-toed shoes.”