Beauty Test Drive: Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer In Lovers Creep And Bridge & Tunnel

I’ve been biting the hell out of my nails lately (disgusting, I know), which means I need to keep them constantly painted to prevent me from chewing. Since it’s the holiday season, I jumped on the chance to try Smith & Cult’s gorgeous holiday colors, a dark red called Lovers Creep and a shimmery gold called Bridge & Tunnel. I figured I’d get ballsy and layer the gold over the red, to create a cool effect with the nails. So did the polish live up to it’s pretty packaging? 

Price: $18,

Application: I hate nail polish that’s “globby,” and I’m not usually one to stray from polish brands I know and love— Marc Jacobs, Essie, OPI, etc.—because of the all-too-common “glob” factor. I was delightfully surprised to find that Smith & Cult’s lacquer was not too thick, but not too weak. I first applied the Lovers Creep red color, which went on smoothly without leaving ridges or clumps. The actual application wand is shorter than most because the bottle itself is very compact, but it didn’t give me any problems applying, aside from having to be a bit more careful than usual.

Once the red completely dried (fairly quickly and without any bubbles, I might add) I put a piece of scotch tape across my nail diagonally and painted the exposed part of the nail with Bridge & Tunnel. The gold is very fine, which made it easy to layer the polish several times until I achieved the density of gold I wanted. It was pretty effortless.

Results: I’m a new fan. I love, love, love the colors of the polish. It has very strong pigmentation, which means you don’t need more than one or two coats, and has just the right consistency— it’s not too thick and globby or too thin and runny. It’s perfect for the holidays and exactly what I needed to keep my nail game tight for the holidays. It’s on the pricier side, but worth it, in my opinion.

Rating: 4/5

Beauty Test Drive: Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer In Lovers Creep And Bridge & Tunnel


Update 4:51 p.m. ET Dec 8, 2014: Less than three days later, the gold part of the nail polish (over the red) completely peeled off several of my nails! For a lacquer company that has suggested layering their polishes, I’m disappointed. I downgrade this polish (for layering) to a 2/5. See photo below.