This Clip Of Eric Garner’s Stepfather Sums Up The Current State Of NYC Protests

Peaceful protests are flooding New York City — along with Boston, Washington, DC; and other major cities across the country — in reaction to the non-indictment of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Eric Garner in a chokehold while Garner gasped that he couldn’t breathe. Yesterday, NPR captured this 25-second clip of Eric Garner’s stepfather, Benjamin Carr, attempting to console a protestor in New York City. Nothing sums up the desperation and determination that’s fueling the protests quite like this. There’s a lot I could say about Garner’s death that plenty of others have already said — that I’m furious, that I’m devastated, that I’m scared for the lives of innocent Americans, that it’s once again painfully obvious that the fabric of this country is still deeply racist and unjust — but the audio speaks for itself.

NPR also posted a transcript of the recording yesterday:

Unidentified Man: I was there, Mr. Garner, every step of the way. I have pictures of that day.

Ben Carr: OK. Let’s keep the peace. Let’s keep the peace.

Unidentified Man: I was doing everything peacefully, but it’s got to the point where…

Unidentified Woman: You’ve got to keep the peace.

Unidentified Man: It’s wrong.

Unidentified Woman: I know.

Ben Carr: We all are hurting.

Unidentified Man: Where we headed for? What’s the future for me? What’s the future for me? You know what I’m saying, for my child, for my son? What is his future?