Watch A Pregnant Woman Tear Some Anti-Choice Protesters A New One

A UK anti-choice group, Abort67, had set up outside of a London abortion clinic with a giant picture of an aborted fetus and had been filming their protest — and possibly the women going into the clinic — when this woman happened upon the Abort67 protesters being asked to turn their cameras off and move down the street by a clinic employee.

The woman works for Kids Company, an organization located across the street from the clinic that works with inner-city children, some of whom have been abused and molested. She pointed out that this was the wrong place to be protesting if Abort 67 cared so much about the lives of children – the violent image of an aborted fetus is absolutely not what traumatized children need to be exposed to. “They’re meant to see this? And this is the people we work with, girls that have been abused, molested, and you’ve got this on?” She asked the protesters, pointing at the picture.

Abort67 issued the following statement to The Metro:

“Suggesting that we are harassing and intimidating women when there is no actual harassment or intimidation occurring is misogynistic. It suggests that women are inherently too weak to be fully informed about abortion.

Sunny seems to miss the irony of filming us outside the clinic whilst he vilifies us for filming ourselves outside a clinic.

We film ourselves because those who support abortion, often lie about the way in which we conduct ourselves or they physically assault us. We have used video evidence to prosecute such individuals.”

Oh, you want to play that game? Cool. Well how about this? It’s deeply misogynistic to assume that women who are getting abortions are too stupid or unaware to have been well-informed about abortion before they did it. It’s deeply misogynistic to assume that you know what’s in every woman’s best interest. It’s deeply misogynistic to assume that every abortion has the same outcome for every woman, because to do so, you have to believe that women are a monolith, that we’re all the same, you have to erase all of our lives and personal experiences. It’s deeply misogynistic to prioritize the potential life of a child over the definite, real, concrete life of a full-grown woman. It’s deeply misogynistic to attempt to take away the state-sanctioned right for women to obtain abortions if they so choose.

Even past all that, the idea of “fully informing” women — there’s a time and a place to inform women about abortions, and there are medical professionals who can do a better job of explaining what abortion is and how it works than a rando on the street who’s spewing out rhetoric based on their opinions rather than information based on years and years of med school and medical practice. The time and place is not in front of abortion clinics. It takes a lot of hubris to believe that even though the woman has probably done her own research, even though she’s talked to medical professionals about abortions, even though she’s examined her own morals and priorities, it’s the random stranger in front of the clinic who really knows what’s up for this woman.

Here’s the full transcript of the pregnant passerby’s scathing takedown:

“It’s wrong, what you’re doing. You don’t know why people’s doing what they’re doing, but you want to be out here judging, and then filming. And I just heard that woman there, that same woman that said, ‘I had an abortion’ – you’re a hypocrite! You’re a big hypocrite! You had an abortion and now because you’re unhappy with what you’re doing, you’re standing out here making other people feel guilty.

And like I said, many people have been abused – you don’t know what their reasons for. I think this is so wrong [points at giant picture of aborted fetus] – it’s so wrong on so many levels. And you’re a liar, because I heard her tell you, ‘Turn off the camera.’ So be honest, man, be real with the people! Because as soon as they see that on you, you make women – and like I just said, you don’t know if they’ve got money, there was a baby on the news that got found in the fuckin’ bin, yeah? Maybe if their mum didn’t flee away, because of people like you, that baby wouldn’t have died in a bin. Whether you think it’s better to get rid of the at ten weeks or for them to actually go through with the birth and then kill that child – I think it’s better then! Simple as.

And I think it’s right what you’re doing [addressing pro-choice advocates], make them shove off from here. Have they even done their research? There’s Kids Company around there, where we’re helping thousands and thousands of kids while you’re out here and you ain’t done your research, where you are, where you’re located. This is the wrong place to be located, especially when we have our people that are going through their shit coming to visit us at Kids Company, and we’re meant to help. Then they’re meant to see this? And this is the people we work with, girls that have been abused, molested, and you’ve got this on? And all you keep talking about is, ‘But do you think it’s right?’ You get raped by soldiers and all different people and then you tell me what you do after that. Or when you had your abortion that was your choice so that you could be standing out here making other women feel guilty. It’s so wrong. So fuckin’ wrong.”

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